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Beach Washers is Hampton Roads premiere professional pressure washing company, offering quality residential and commercial washing services at competitive rates. We are a family owned and operated business with a genuine commitment to serving our clients’ needs. This makes Beach Washers one of the best professional pressure washing companies servicing Hampton Road’s communities, including; Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and more.

We specialize in washing houses, apartments, buildings, concrete and virtually all exterior surfaces for any residential and commercial establishment. We are experts at the “Soft Wash” method, as well as many other proven washing styles. Beach Washers are proficient in wood surface restoration, bringing them back to looking like new again. Take a look at our gallery to see for yourself, the kind of professional service we offer. With over 12 years of experience servicing Virginia Beach, we are your professionals in many different proven methods of washing. Our team is dedicated to providing home and business owners with the best pressure washing services available. With Beach Washers, you can be confident every job will be handled with the best and highest standards of care and quality Hampton Roads residents are growing to expect.

Your home or business is being attacked by algae, mold, mildew and other pollutants right now. If left untouched, they can cause irreversible damage. Tackling the problem early will save headaches and money in the long-run. Beach Washers services all of Hampton Roads communities, including; Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News. Contact Beach Washers in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule your free no hassle and friendly service request today. 757-407-0005

Helpful Tips & Information from Beach Washers

  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked on the day of washing.
  • Move vehicles from the driveway on the day of washing.  Please leave room in the street for our truck and trailer, directly in front of the house.
  • Have any gates left unlocked, for easy access into the backyard.
  • Make sure pets are not outside during the time work is being performed.
  • Please have the area being washed clear of furniture, planters, and other items for the day of washing.
  • Move items a minimum of 10 feet away from area being washed.
  • It's a good idea to hand wash your windows after the pressure washing. We don’t use ammonia based cleaners, so some streaking may occur. However, we go out of our way to avoid this from happening, and most instances there will be no streaking.
  • Don't place any items back on your deck for 24 hours after staining/sealing
  • Keep pets off deck for 24 hours after staining/sealing.
  • We recommend watering any vegetation the day before and after washing.  Our cleaners, when used properly will not harm plants.  But we like to be on the safe side anyway. 

What to expect after your house has been professionally washed:

  • All green/black algae growth will be removed from the siding, soffits, outside of gutters, and porches.
  • All dirt, mold, mildew, spider webs, insects (not wasp/bee nests) will be removed.
  • Some black streaking may still be on the outside of your gutters, this can be removed with our “Gutter Scrub” option. They are actually a discoloration of your gutter; regular pressure washing does not remove them. Ask for details.
  • Rust stains do not come off with pressure washing; they’re removed with special cleaners.  Ask for details



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